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At NewFusion, we don’t only have a lot of experience and knowhow to offer. We also have an interesting range of products that can make all the difference and can upgrade your event or campaign from ‘pretty nice’ to ‘exceptionally epic’. Be sure to check out what we have in store for you. Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask more information if you like what you see.


Ever thought of using a photobooth? Good idea, but it can be costly affair, especially if you want one custom made. No worries, NewFusion offers you a completely brandable photobooth that will bring a memorable piece of entertainment to your event or campaign. Make it unforgettable with a fun photo animation that your audience can share via social media, e-mail or take home with them as a souvenir. We can provide different types (slow motion, gif, photo, video…) and adapt the form of the booth to your liking.

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Face Mosaic

Looking for the perfect conversation starter for you event? A unique ice-breaker? Our Face Mosaic is just what you need. Picture this, at the check-in of your event each visitor has his or hers picture taken. We upload each pic to a huge screen that slowly fills up while more visitors arrive. In the end, everybody will start to see a cool mosaic made up of the picture of everybody that’s present. How cool is that?

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Hospitality Platform

Imagine a one-stop-shop platform that caters to all of your event management needs? Look no further. With our Hospitality Platform you can manage your events at the push of a button, seamlessly and efficiently. You can invite contacts automatically, offer them different packages, and monitor their feedback. And you can react in time when tickets are sold out or seats remain unused.

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Transparent Display

Want to showcase your object in extraordinary way? Give it that little bit extra it deserves? Take a look at our transparent displays which you can rent or buy. It’s the perfect interactive see-through product presentation tool!

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Retail Analytics

Ever wondered how many people visit your event or shop? And what they find most interesting? Where they spend most of their time? With our retail Analytics-tool you can find out just that. Curious? Don’t hesitate to ask us about it!

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Fast RFID Check-in system

NewFusion offers you a completely automated check-in that will make the entrance to your event or campaign loads easier. For the cloakroom you can also use the bracelets for a fast check-in of items. The custom RFID-bracelets can have your company logo and name printed on it and will be assigned to your guests through our online platform. You can also make your event unforgettable with a fun photo or animation that your audience can share via e-mail by just scanning their RFID-bracelet.

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