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Case 11


Mate S Launch Event 2016


Client: Huawei

Huawei launched a new series of products (HuaweiMateS – HuaweiWatch – HuaweiG8) in Berlin and we made sure it was an event to remember.


We built an entire experience zone, complete with interactive screens (we created an easy swipe app to let the user discover the unique features of new Mate S smartphone), LED-walls (with an interactive Kinect-application), and transparent displays (to showcase the possibilities of the new Smartwatch , we created a custom video animation). And that’s not all.

We presented an awesome Green Key Experience to highlight the professional camera mode on the new Huawei Mate S. Using an interactive tablet app, visitors could have their photo taken before a greenkey background. Each background required a different lighting setting and ISO value, all of which the Mate S was capable of doing easily. Once the photo was taken, our software removed the green backdrop , replaced it with the new chosen background and the photo was then printed with a Huawei-overlay.

Think that’s all we did? Think again. Visitors could also try our Treadmill Experience. To demonstrate Huawei’s new Smartwatch we created an interactive led wall, with animated video of different places all over the world. Each video scene was synced with the speed of a custom designed treadmill that our R&D-Team constructed, controlled by a microcontroller. A hostess would then do a different choreography on the treadmill, with each video scene.

Furthermore, we also provided Event Support, Account- and Sales Support, and Graphic & Multimedia Design.


Huawei was most pleased having their new products showcased in a way people would remember for sure.