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Case 10

I Am Dimension Data

Dimension Data 2016


Client: Dimension Data

Dimension Data is a global company specializing in information technology services. They host a huge event every year for all their employees and best customers. And since they’re one of the biggest global IT companies in the world, they requested a unique technological solution to register their clients and give them an easy-to-use automated seating system. We were happy to oblige.


For the second year in a row, we took care of the full production of the B2B-event and provided a total communication package in an innovative way: invitation mailings, a save-the-date and a unique check-in system based on a mobile app we designed that scanned a personal QR-code. Another cool thing we did was create an app that showed people their seats. They could choose to sit together with other specific guests if they wanted and communicate their food preferences. Just 15 minutes before everyone should head to their seat, we’d send out a text message with all seating details.


All the guests of I Am Dimension Data had a great time and went home with a smile on their face.