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Case 09


Service Workshop 2016


Client: Buhler

Buhler is a B2B company with clients from all over the world. They were looking for a way to bring everybody together and make them eager to travel all the way to Belgium. We accepted that challenge and came up with something new: The Customer Service Workshop.


We took care of the full production of the event, with great food, a huge tour, a spectacular show and above all, great business opportunities. We designed a (mobile friendly) registration website, sent out personalized e-mails to confirm attendance, a save-the-date and reminder e-mails, and also took care of ticketing and check-in. We created a visual style for the event hall, took care of all the technological stuff (lights, sound, video etc) and provided a template for the presentation slides.

During the event a photographer we hired took pictures of everybody, that we uploaded into a photo gallery that everybody could access, so they could share their photos on Linkedin & Facebook.


Buhler was thrilled to be able to meet their clients in an amazing event where everybody had a great time.