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Case 08


Best Festival Friends 2016


Client: Proximus
Partner: Tailor Made

Building the biggest festival stand ever for Proximus with a memorable customer experience.


We developed a fun interactive game in which a festival-goer had to take place in a mechanical chair. A show host then asked his or her friends some personal questions. If they answered correctly, they’d receive a gift voucher, but if they were wrong the person in the chair would be treated to one of three random ‘punishments’: being dropped into a swimming pool, getting sprayed in the face with water vapor or having a huge bucket of water dumped on the head. Thankfully the Belgian festival season is very hot, so all punishments were received with a smile and shared on social media.

The whole thing was filmed by two slow-motion cameras so we could merge the images into a single video. The participants could then share that video on an online platform using a touchscreen-app we created.


Festival-goers loved the game-aspect of it all and Proximus got a great brand boost.