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Case 04


ING Sky Experience 2016


Client: ING
Partner: Tailor Made

Giving festival-goers the chance to fly over the festival grounds.


We built a registration app that people could use to sign up for the experience using a touchscreen (datacollecting).

Festival-goers who signed up, got to wear a VR-headset and a harness that lifted them up into the air. We then used another app we created to control the movement of the cables that lifted people up, the lights, the sounds and a big fan. All at the push of a single button.

A 360-drone flying over the festival grounds then fed a live feed to the VR-headset, to make the participants feel like they were really flying.

Finally, we installed two cameras that took your picture as you were ‘flying’. That picture was then uploaded to another app we developed that participants could use to e-mail the pic to their own mailbox.


Festival-goers were seriously impressed with this amazing experience. And it gave the brand ING a great boost.